EWLA: 2017 Symposium in Barcelona

Press release: European Waterlily and Lotus Association (EWLA) officially established
18 September 2017
EWLA: 2019 Symposium in London, Kew Gardens
23 March 2019

Mission accomplished, first episode

The gang

It’s wonderful to meet people through the internet, but it’s more difficult to discuss and really talk things through and definitely hard to share a drink.  Hence, the idea to come together and have a proper chat with everyone in Europe interested in waterlilies and lotus. Gianluca Bonomo proposed Barcelona, a magnificent choice to mix EWLA-business and pleasure.

Just founded in September, already meeting in December for 2 whole days, it seems to be a great succes.  We had people from France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium.  Yes, we still lack some countries, but it was definitely a great start and a reminder that the different languages are a challenge but not one that we can’t overcome.

EWLA meeting

We locked ourselves up in the living room of an appartement for a whole afternoon.  So everyone could present themselves. Some did it with great schwung, others were less talkative.  It’s a wonderful thing to see all these different kinds of people, different lives, but the same love for waterlilies.  Our group existed of 14 people being: Antonio, Davide & partner, Florian, Gianluca, Luis, Mathieu, Nicolas, Sander & partner, Tomas & partner and Séverine & Davy.  We all have different professions, but are equally qualified. We all gave our view on what we would like to be the main tasks of EWLA, what EWLA could do for us and of course what we could do for EWLA. We all agreed it’s not about commercial benefits but about spreading the passion and love for waterlilies.  It’s about giving the correct information, it’s about promoting waterlilies, it’s even more about bringing people together.
And of course, plans were laid out for an EWLA symposium at Kew in 2018 and an IWGS symposium in France in 2019.

EWLA @ Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Don’t worry, we didn’t stay locked up for two days of course, we also went for a drink, a meal, some sightseeing … but still, even at the table or bar I don’t think that I heard three sentences that weren’t about waterlilies or lotus.  And we even had the pleasure to have a little chat with Carlos Magdalena, via Skype.

We finally did it and hope to give you an update on the topics discussed very soon.  So please stay tuned for our next episode.



List of Attendees

  1. Gianluca Bonomo (IT)
  2. Davy Claes (BE)
  3. Sander Dekker (NL)
  4. Luis Doblado Cañete (ES)
  5. Mathieu Egidio (FR)
  6. Tomás Escribano (ES)
  7. Florian Henaux (FR)
  8. Eric Hooijer (NL)
  9. Davide La Salvia (IT)
  10. Nicolas Long (FR)
  11. Séverine Lyssens-Danneboom (BE)
  12. Antonio Nania (IT)

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