About the EWLA

The core objectives of the European Waterlily & Lotus Association (EWLA), as a not-for-profit organization are spreading and sharing knowledge about aquatic plants between its members, as well as with the public.

It contributes as far as its means allow to the development and diffusion of horticultural and botanical knowledge.

Its key priorities are:

  • Help the public better know and understand the world of water gardening, and more specifically the botanical and horticultural varieties of the Nymphaea and Nelumbo genera.
  • Contribute to the documentation regarding aforementioned varieties in order to facilitate their identification and cultivation.
  • Preserve horticultural varieties of specific and/or historical interest, primarily of European origin.
  • As necessary, contribute to the conservation of botanical varieties that would become endangered.
  • Contribute to the diffusion of good practices in water gardening.


It is meant to be a regional chapter of the International Waterlilies & Water gardening Society (IWGS), its members contributing to IWGS projects and, when applicable, to its European activities.